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Name:I'm a penny in a diamond mine
Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:New York, United States of America
birth to a dancing star。
I exist. Yes, I know that this isn’t the most creative statement I could have started off with, or the most philosophical. We’ll just have to do a bit of handwaving and get to the main event. You see, I’m not much for patience unless I’m getting something out of it, and as I’m prone to procrastinating I actually have a paper sitting on my lap giving me come-hither-eyes. It’s quite an uncomfortable situation, so excuse the brevity.

I’m in my early 20s still, currently housed in Buffalo until I earn a shiny piece of paper that claims I’m a doctor. (No, not that sort of doctor!) I’m studying cultural anthropology, but I’m such a spastic that I can lock down for certain what I would like to study. I have too many things I want to be when I’m done with this, and not enough time to figure things out. I cautiously call myself pagan, loudly profess my love of Loki, and generally try not to cause too much damage without provocation. I’m prone to being flighty, have an extreme intolerance of being tied down in a relationship, at times find that I’m lonelier that I would ever like to admit, and try to stay in the realm of the cynical optimist so I do not spiral into misanthropy.

This blog will be a stepping stone of sorts; a place free from the pressure I place upon myself to hold my tongue. I’ll comment on all sorts of things that I see happening, and if you ever find yourself shaking your head at my antics feel free to point out any fallacies in my thought process. After all, I can only learn from mistakes if I know I’ve made them in the first place.

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